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Mustapa bin Mohamed

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Member of Parliament for Jeli, Kelantan and UMNO Supreme Council Member since 1993. Also, Minister of International Trade and Industry Malaysia.

Y.B. Dato' Sri

03 6203 3022 / 03 6203 4106 / 09 946 9053

03 6201 2301

Kementerian Perdagangan Antarabangsa Dan Industri Tingkat 15, Blok 10 Kompleks Pejabat Kerajaan Jalan Duta 50622 Kuala Lumpur


Bachok, Kelantan

4 children

United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) Position in party: 1) Supreme council member (since 1993) 2) Kelantan Umno liaison chairperson

Post-secondary colleges/universities attended:

1)     University of Melbourne, Australia

2)     Boston University, MA, USA

Principal course of study: economics / business / management

Highest level of education completed: Post-graduate

Course of study for the person’s highest degree: Masters in Development Economics.

Also has a Honorary Doctor in Law from the University of Nottingham (UK)

Assembly backbencher

MP: Jeli (P30)

Current service began: 2004

Prior service began: 1995

Number of years of prior service: 11

Number of terms of prior service: 2


Office Type: Cabinet Minister



Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa Dan Industri (Minister of International Trade and Industry)

Current service began: 2009

Number of years of prior service: 16

Number of terms of prior service: 5






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