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Fong Chan Onn

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TAN SRI DR FONG CHAN ONN is the Member of Parliament for Alor Gajah, Melaka – a post he has held since 1996 (formerly known as the Selandar constituency). He served as the Minister of Human Resources from December 1999 to March 2008. Prior to that, he was the Deputy Minister of Education from October 1990 till December 1999.

Tan Sri Dr.

+60 3 2282 6186

+60 3 2282 6187


75 Jalan Semarak Api, Sierra Mas, 47000 Sungei Buloh, Selangor

Tan Lay Hwa

MCA, 1990 - present

  • 1966 Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) First Class Honours 
    University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • 1972 Masters of Business Administration
    University of Rochester, New York
  • 1974 PhD. Operations Research/Industrial Economics
    University of Rochester, New York



  • Jan. 1990 - Sept. 1990 Dean, Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya
  • April 1986 - Jan. 1990 Chairman, Division of Applied Economics, Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya
  • May 1986 - Oct. 1990 Professor of Applied Economics, Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya
  • Nov. 1983 - March 1986 Dean, Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya
  • March 1982 - Oct. 1983 Deputy Dean, Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya
  • Oct. 1977 - April 1986 Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya
  • Jan. 1980 - Sept. 1980 Fulbright Exchange Professor, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, Stanford, California
  • March 1979 - June 1979 Japan Foundation FellowInstitute of Development Economies, Tokyo
  • Sept. 1974 - Sept. 1977 Lecturer, Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya
  • March 1968 - Sept. 1970 Engineer, Telecommunications Department, Kuala Lumpur
  • March 1967 - March 1968 Engineer, Telecommunications Department, Christchurch, New Zealand


Professional "Consultant" Experience

  • Sept. 1988 - April 1989 Consultant to Johor Port Authority on Investment in 1990s and Privatisation
  • Aug. 1986 - Dec. 1987 Consultant to the Economic Planning Unit on National Ports Study
  • June 1984 - Dec. 1985 Consultant to UNIDO on the Industrial Master Plan for Malaysia 1986-1995
  • Nov. 1984 - Aug. 1986 Consultant to the Economic Planning Unit on Demographic-Economic Modelling
  • June 1985 - July 1985 Member of UNFPA Needs Assessment Mission to Sri Lanka
  • April 1986 - May 1985 Evaluation mission leader of UNFPA Project Population-Economic . Education Through Agricultural Extension Networks In Thailand
  • Oct. 1981 - Nov. 1982 Project Leader of Kuantan Port Authority Team on Long Term Expansion Planning
  • March 1981 - March 1982 Project Leader of Johor Port Authority Team on Long Term Expansion Planning
  • Nov. 1979 - Oct. 1982 Project Coordinator of IDRC project on Integration of Population and Economic Development implemented in Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Malaysia
  • Jan. 1978 - Dec. 1978 Advisor, North Sumatra University Medan, Indonesia project on Local Leaders And Population Planning
  • March 1977 - Dec. 1977 Economist, Rural Electrification Study for Peninsular Malaysia
  • March 1976 - Dec. 1976 Industrial Economist, Industrial Potential Study for Pahang Tenggara, Malaysia
  • Jan. 1975 - Dec. 1975 Industrial Economist, Selangor Development and Planning Study, Malaysia
  • External Examiner, School of Business, Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Kuala Lumpur since 1981
  • Chairman, Population Studies Unit, University of Malaya, 1983-1986
  • Vice-Chairman, Malaysian Economic Association, 1983-1986
  • Member of the following professional bodies:
    • Institute of Electrical Engineers, United Kingdom
    • The Operations Research Society of America
    • Institute of Management Science, United States
    • Beta Gamma Sigma, United States
    • Malaysian Examination Council, Malaysia
    • Council of Technology Transfer, Malaysia


MCA Party Positions

  • Since 1990 Member of Parliament for Selandar, Melaka
  • Since 1990 Chairman, MCA Economic Policy Bureau, MCA
  • Since 1990 Member of Presidential Council, MCA
  • 1993 - 1996 Vice Chairman, MCA Melaka, State Liaison Committee
  • 1993 - 1996 Chairman, MCA Sabah, State Liaison Committee
  • 1996 - 2007 Chairman, MCA Kelantan, State Liaison Committee
  • Since 1996 Vice President, MCA
  • Since 2007 Chairman, MCA Melaka
  • Since 2002 Member, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Council




  • Panglima Setia Mahkota (PSM)
  • Darjah Gemilang Seri Melaka, DGSM
  • Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka (DMSM)
  • Since 1990 Life Member of the Selangor/Federal Territory, Spastics Children Association
  • Since 1990 Patron of the Play Centre, Petaling Jaya.
  • 1982-1989 Chairman of Parent Teachers Association, SRK Sultan Alam Shah (2)
  • 1988-1991 Chairman of Parent Teachers Association, SM Lelaki Bukit Bintang



  • Colombo Plan Scholarship for Under-Graduate Study in New Zealand.
  • Ford Foundation Fellowship for Graduate Study in the United States, 1970 -74.
  • Japan Foundation Fellowship for research in Japan, 1979.
  • Fulbright Exchange professorship Award for teaching and research in the United States, 1980
  • ESCAP (Bangkok) Grant for Organizational Determinants of Family Planning Program Performance in Malaysia, 1975 (jointly with Stephen Chee)
  • Council for Asian Manpower (Manila) Grant for Ancillary Firms Development in Asian Industrial Sector: The Case of Malaysia
  • Southeast Asia Population Research Awards Program (Singapore) Grant for Local Leaders and Family Planning in Malaysia, 1976
  • Institute of Developing Economies (Tokyo) Grant for Regional Development in Southern Peninsular Malaysia, 1975-78 (jointly with K.C. Leong)
  • Southeast Asia Population Research Award Program (Singapore) Grant for Socio-Economic Determinants of Fertility in Peninsular Malaysia, 1977
  • Ford-Rockefeller Foundations (New York) Grant for Analysis of Research Allocation in Family Planning Programs in Malaysia, 1978
  • ILO (Geneva) Grant for Consumer Demand Pattern and Bicycle Manufacturing Technology, 1978
  • ESCAP (Bangkok) Grant for Organizational Determinants of Integrated Family Planning and Development Programs in Malaysia, 1979
  • Institute of Developing Economies (Tokyo) Grant for Comparative Advantage of Asian Manufacturing: The Case of Malaysia, 1979-81 (jointly with K.C. Leong)
  • IDRC (Ottawa) Grant for Integration of Population with Development in FELDA Schemes, 1982
  • ILO (Geneva) Grant for Impact of Increased Energy Cost in Malaysia, 1982-1983
  • ESCAP (Bangkok) Grant for Family Structure and Fertility, 1983
  • Australian Government Grant for Industrial Structural Changes and Adjustments in ASEAN-Australia, 1983-84
  • IDRC (Ottawa) Grant for Urban Poverty in Malaysia, 1983-84
  • ESCAP (Bangkok) Grant for Demographic-Economic Modelling in Malaysia, 1984-85
  • ESCAP (Bangkok) Grant for Communications Network and Family Planning Diffusion, 1985
  • IDRC (Ottawa) Grant for Demographic-Economic Impact of Population-Development Programs in Malaysia, 1985
  • Overseas Development Institute (London) Grant for Wages and Labour Welfare in Export-Oriented Industries in Malaysia, 1985
  • UNIDO (Vienna) Grant for Study on Development Strategy for Industrialization in Malaysia, 1985
  • UNFPA (New York) Grant for Impact of Socio-economic Development on Demographic Variables in Malaysia, 1985
  • Nihon University (Tokyo) Grant for Study on Japanese and Malaysian Economic Development, 1985-86
  • World Bank (Washington) Grant for Study on Political Economy of Growth, Poverty and Equity, 1986
  • Institute of Developing Economies (Tokyo) Grant for Study on Role of Small and Medium Industries in Malaysian Economic Development, 1986
  • ESCAP (Bangkok) Grant for Study on Economic Coorperation among ASEAN Countries, 1986-87





Alor Gajah, Melaka P135 since 1990

Deputy Minister of Education (1990 to 1999) Minister of Human Resources (1999 to 2008)

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